American and European roulette online

Gambling is an old way of spending your spare time. Since the ancient times, people played different games that can be considered as the game of chance. A lot of writers were gamblers as well as a lot of them made gambling the basis of their plot. Gambling was often connected to the risk, adventures and women. There are a lot of games of chance there are still played. For example, the gambling wheel is still a popular game.

Some people believe that the wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal. A year after, in 1760, the game became a popular game in the whole France. Later, it became known as the European roulette. A newbie can’t differ types of the wheel. However, there are two of them.The second one is an American roulette. The American wheel has two zero slots, which is more profitable for the casino. Another possible variant here is the single zero roulette. Playing the last type increases your own chances for a profitable payout.The interesting fact here is that originally, the French variant was a double zero wheel as the American one. But when it became popular in Germany, the second zero was thrown away to attract more customers. Modern technologies allow you even to play American roulette online. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that make them different.

The roulette wheel has 38 pockets in total. It ranges from 0 to 36 and has two zero pockets “0” and “00”. These slots are green. Other 36 slots are divided into the red and black pockets equally. Zero pockets are situated on the opposite sides.

As it was already mentioned, the classic roulette has the single zero. It has also one lost less, that’s why the total number of the pockets is 37. The ratio of red and black pockets are absolutely the same, but it has one green pocket less. As you could understand, green slot is a zero pocket. The sequence of numbers here differs from the previous variant too. The European wheel has some specific bets. You can bet with your chips by saying it to a dealer. A dealer must repeat it to avoid a possible misunderstanding. The available bets on the European variant are Zero play, Neighbours of zero, Orphans, Tiers, Neighbours. Each of them covers some part of the wheel. There are also two different types of bets: inside and outside bets.

The order of numbers in the American and the European cases is totally different. They don’t have any arithmetic logic and is hard to understand for new players. Why was it made for?

1. For a newcomer, it is a very complicated task to imagine the whole wheel in his imagination. It seems like there are no any relations between the numbers. But if you play American roulette wheel you need to pay attention to this. Usually, people memorize them with an experience. The main reason why they are made in such way is to confuse the player. The same does a table, where you play, which is called the roulette table. It has a specific layout too.

2. As it was mentioned, the wheel has red and black pockets. They must change each other. Alternating the colours is a required condition for both types.

3. There are two types of numbers. Low numbers are one of them. They are believed to be from 1 to 18. High numbers start from 18 and end at 36. They should alternate too. The only exception here is 5 and 10 in the European variant. In the American roulette, there are a lot of low as well as high numbers together. This is the main reason why the European variant is believed to be better balanced than the American one.

4. An important role plays the twoness of the numbers. There shouldn’t be more than two odd or two even numbers together.